"Did I make a dent".

holy musical B@TMAN!
not going to apocolyptour…….

part of my soul just died

impressed that i still dont know who plays who in Holy Musical B@tman
favorite color is sparkle.
click it
embrace it
love it
Had a lovely dream

In my dream i was best friends with lauren lopez, joey richter, and Joe Walker…it was magnificent but then i woke up in a serge of utter disappoitment

GAH! i just wanna be friends with insanely awesome people that are a lot like me:(:(

Trying my HARDEST not to ask people for HMB spoilers

it is SO difficult..but..i got this

Then i remember it will be released on april 30th on youtube…

BUT THEN i remember i will be out of the country on the 30th till the 9th of MAY!!! without internet access!!and then…i cry


b-b-b-but… i can wait

i guess

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